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Project Portfolio (Under Construction)
Rapid Area Mine Clearance System:The RAMICS Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD) will develop and demonstrate airborne laser targeting and super cavitating projectile technologies to rapidly and effectively neutralize near-surface contact mines. Intended for use by new organic MCM forces, this three-year effort began in FY98 and has culminated in a full-scale demonstration of mine neutralization from a Cobra helicopter in September 2000. The RAMICS projectile (shown right) was developed by C Tech in conjunction with Raytheon (formerly Hughes Aircraft Systems).

More information is available here.

Shadow graph picture
High speed shadow photograph of a RAMICS
projectile on its way to the target.
(US Army photograph)
30mm Anti-Mine Projectile:A C Tech IR&D project which produced a fully operational prototype as a follow on to our successful RAMICS ATD program.

More information is available here.

Shadow graph picture
High speed photograph of 30mm
projectile during proof of concept testing.
(C Tech Photograph)

C Tech currently offers supercavitating round designs in 50 caliber, 20mm, and 30mm sizes. We can quickly and cost effectively create a point design and prototypes suited to your specific application. For more information please contact Rod Daebelliehn at rod@ctech.esdcorp.com or via phone at (360) 452-2275.

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